Cloud Solutions

What is “THE CLOUD” computing?

In layman terms, cloud computing means taking services or data and moving them outside an organization’s firewall. Using cloud computing software, one can store his data on the cloud instead of computer hard drive. Cloud computing boasts several opportunities and benefits for business and end users like Elasticity by eliminating massive investment in storage, pay per use enabling users to pay only for resources they use, flexibility to move specific data to or from the cloud, etc.

We, at Teckmo, promise to provide you with secure and resilient Cloud solutions using SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

Why do you need Cloud computing services?

Corporate and government entities utilize cloud computing services to address a variety of application needs such as CRM, database, computing, and data storage. Unlike the historical approach followed by IT companies to store bulk data on hard drives, cloud computing services deliver IT resources in minutes to hours and align costs to actual usage. As a result, organizations have greater agility and can manage expenses more efficiently. Similarly, consumers utilize cloud computing services to simplify application utilization, store, share, and protect content.

Cloud computing enables you to get rapid scalability to meet demand, provides enhanced security and protection of information and provides anywhere access to applications and contents.

Services we offer:

  • Cloud security: We will safeguard your data from threats with our standardized approach
  • Data recovery: Hassle-free data storage and recovery. Your data can be recovered within minutes of an outage.
  • IT services: Our sound technical team can cater all your IT needs in a jiffy
  • Cloud migration: Move data, applications to a hosting environment and enjoy free space on your hard drives
  • Cloud Ecommerce: Make your business look big virtually by switching to cloud ecommerce. It’s an innovative approach to mitigate risk and increase operational efficiency. We assist our clients to grow globally by providing them with exposure to cloud ecommerce.

Start your cloud journey with us

Teckmo can help your organization manage data efficiently using its security-rich solutions. We help you build a robust process of cloud computing and adds value to your business. We can help you successfully migrate your data to our cloud servers. You can freely access your data on the go with our specialized applications. We will assist you in evolving your business with our cloud services.